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"Brighter Days" (CRU Records 2022)   

Juan Ortiz: Piano     Hiroshi Takase: Double Bass      Gene Jackson: Drums


01 - Blues for the Queen

02 - Song for Athena

03 - Song for Selene (I'll Meet You In My Dreams)

04 - Xoro

05 - Christmas in Bilbao

06 - Capsule

07 - Brighter Days

08 - Sweet Lorraine

(All songs composed by Juan Ortiz except "Sweet Lorraine" by Cliff Burwell)


Recorded by Naoto Sugahara at Orpheus Recording Studio, Tokyo, in November 17th, 2021.           Artwork by Aleix Font.

Mixed and mastered by Joan Melero. 

"Juan Ortiz Tokyo Trio feat. Gianni Gagliardi" (Mas i Mas 2019)   

Juan Ortiz: Piano     Hiroshi Takase: Double Bass      Junji Hirose: Drums     Gianni Gagliardi: Tenor Saxophone


01 - No Way

02 - Thanks Mr. Benny

03 - Another Uphill Morning

04 - Los Otolitos

05 - Blues for Drew

06 - Kathmandu

07 - And The World is Large

(All songs composed by Juan Ortiz except "Los Otolitos" by Gianni Gagliardi and "Blues for Drew" by Hiroshi Takase)


Recorded live at Jamboree Jazz Club, Barcelona, in July 2nd, 2018.       Recorded, mixed and mastered by Joan Melero.


"Winter Tales" (2017)   "Best Jazz Recording of the Year" 2017, in Spanish Musika Bulegoa Sariak Awards.

Juan Ortiz: Prepared Upright Piano, Rhodes Mk I, Juno 106, Chorus Echo RE-501, Roland TR-8, Hammond Organ X5, Moog Mother 32 & Ableton Push 2. 

Naiel Ibarrola: Artwork.


01 - Kyoto

02 - Nara

03 - Tokyo

04 - Nami no oto, mushi no koe

(All songs composed by Juan Ortiz)


Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in December 2016 at El Canton de la Soledad Estudios, Vitoria, by Juanan Ros and Juan Ortiz.

"And The World is Large" (Anomia, 2016)


Juan Ortiz: Piano.      

David Ruiz: Double Bass.              Borja Barrueta: Drums.               SPECIAL GUEST - Andrzej Olejniczak: Tenor Sax.

Naiel Ibarrola: Artwork.                Yahvé M. de la Cavada: Liner Notes.


01 - Day at Sea 

02 - Bermuda

03 - Novi Sad

04 - Road to Kathmandu

05 - Kathmandu

06 - Hiroshima

07 - Rhino Fight

08 - And the World is Large

(All songs composed by Juan Ortiz except "Road to Kathmandu", by David Ruiz.)


Recorded at Estudio Uno (Colmenar Viejo, Madrid), in July 2015. Sound engineer: Pablo Pulido. Studio assistant: Omar Carrascosa.

Mixed and Mastered by Juanan Ros at El Cantón de la Soledad Estudios (Vitoria), in November 2015.

"Life is Too Short" (Errabal, 2013)           "Best Jazz Recording of the Year" 2013, in Spanish BBK Jazz Awards.


Juan Ortiz: Piano.                                   David Ruiz: Double Bass.                                  Borja Barrueta: Drums.

Naiel Ibarrola: Artwork.                        Yahvé M. de la Cavada: Liner Notes.


01 - No Way 

02 - Thanks Mr. Benny

03 - Obsession

04 - 4 Points of View

05 - A Dog Called Jazz

06 - Another Uphill Morning

07 - Moment's Notice

08 - Life is Too Short

09 - House of the Rising Sun

(All songs composed by Juan Ortiz except "Moment's Notice" by John Coltrane and "House of the Rising Sun", Traditional)


Recorded live at hACERIA Jazz Club (Bilbao, Spain) in May 24, 2012.     Recorded and mixed by: Ander Tejerina.

Mastered by Ibon Larruzea at Euridia Studios.

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