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Jazz, is a language.

If you want to learn it,

you need to study it as such.

Start improving, TODAY.

*1000+ Happy Students

*Constantly Updated Materials

*+20 YEARS of Experience

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"One of the


jazz book libraries

on the internet"

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"Our video lessons are CONSTANTLY UPDATED

Watch anytime,

learn anywhere"

Piano de cola

"Get custom advice and

your own study plan.

Your improvement is 


Thomas W.


"Thank you, I just want to say your advice has been really helpful. I feel better about my playing every time we meet. You inspire me to keep practicing, and that is priceless."

Chema S.


"I can't believe I thought I was bad at music. Juan has proved me lesson after lesson that talent has absolutely nothing to do with getting good at music.
I'm so thankful!"

William M.


"It's just impressive. I bought some of your books, and I'm truly thankful for the attention to detail on every page. It's going to take me a while to memorize all this, but my practice sessions became meaningful."

Masako O.


"I printed the email with your music advice and placed it next to my piano.

It will help me during my study. 

I will keep practicing every day.

See you next lesson!"

Jean Michel B.


"I enjoy every lesson so much. Thank you Juan, because as a classical trained piano player, I never thought I would be able to improvise."

Keiko M.


"You have so many good analogies and examples! I specially like the food analogies. It's so easy to understand. Thank you for making music more fun."

Terence S.


"Thank you Juan Ortiz.
My resolution for this year:
to faithfully read through these beautiful exercises daily.
This is great!"

Thomas H.


"This Course is exactly what I needed. I'm so glad I started. I'm relearning things I had completely forgotten. And everything is explained very logically, and easy to follow."

Anna G.


"I'm 60 years old, and I'm falling in love with music again, thanks to you. I love your approach and your materials. Thank you. You are making life more meaningful."


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